Monday, April 26, 2010

Back in the Saddle...

This past weekend was....well, not good. The amount of food I consumed is just wrong. But that's what today is for - back to counting calories and I already got a run in! And my run was fantastic, I did 4 miles in 39:30!! I have NEVER run at a pace less than 10:00. And I was even on the indoor track, ha go figure! That place is my least favorite by far....32 laps is enough to make you dizzy and that's just boring!

I'm also on the lookout for a vacation for me and Doug to go on right after we're done with finals! We have very simple requirements:

1) beach.
2) hot.
3) cheap.
4) all-inclusive.

#4 is somewhat negotiable, but we just want to relax and get away before rotations start and we're stuck in Ohio! I'll keep you updated if we find anything!


  1. Hi Amy! Nice to "meet" you. :-) Actually, ONU = Olivet Nazarene University, but one of my roommates at Ohio State went to Ohio Northern, and one of my friends from elementary school is going to law school there!

  2. Ohh I see! Wow, small world isn't it!