Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday

No running again today! I think I'm finally off of my post-race high and it's definitely time to scope out my next race. There's a 5k here at school next Saturday, but I totally didn't pre-register...aka no guarantee of a t-shirt :( I still might do it though, I need a goal to get me back on track!

The big palooza was yesterday, and it went about as I expected - rainy and long. I wasn't in a drinking mood, so that explains the long part at least.

As for today, NBA playoffs are calling my name! The King & co. are playing at 3:30! I'm watching Boston/Miami right now...I hope Miami can hold on (ugh, the Celtics are NOT my fave). Then some CV writing is in order for tonight. Need to impress my preceptors apparently with my lack of pharmacy-related activities. Hmm.

Go Cavs!

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