Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exciting Plans

So much going on right now!! First though...a BIG BIG thank you to Lynn for being the workout buddy I needed yesterday! I ended up going on a little run last night and I already elliptical-ed and ran this morning! Woo!

And yesterday, Doug surprised me with an early birthday gift.........CAVS TICKETS!!! That's right, Game 1 vs. Boston this Saturday at the Q - it's okay to be jealous. It's my first game and I have already decided that I definitely need to get ahold of some sort of Cavs attire. I mean, I can't just go to the game in street clothes, right? ;)

As if the tickets weren't enough (I'm pretty sure we spent almost $2000 between the two of us....disgusting), our vacay is officially set!!! 5 days, 4 nights at BlueBay Villas Doradas in Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), leaving May 19. It's an all-inclusive adults-only (sorry, I don't do screaming children) resort...I plan to eat, drink, and tan 24 hours a day. Approximately. And I'll finally get a stamp in my passport haha!

Note the swim-up bar. OMG I cannot wait!

Unfortunately pharmacy school calls tonight. This quarter has been nothing but projects and cases and papers. I'm not saying that I'd rather be back in modules, where I spent every second I had studying Monday-Friday, but I'm definitely ready for this busywork to be done with. We have an exam tomorrow over immunizations so that we can actually start injecting people. You know, gotta keep the people protected from tetany and swine flu!

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  1. haha glad I could help get someone into the gym since I've only been able to get myself in there once this week!