About Me


I'm 5'7".  In high school, I was 150 lbs.  I played tennis, but let's be honest - it didn't require me to be in pristine condition.  I went to college and gained another 5-7 lbs each year, but it always seemed to come off over the summer.  It wasn't until 2007-08, my junior year, that I actually started working out.  I loved it!  The elliptical and I were gooood friends that year.  I lost 10 lbs and was an ecstatic 140 lbs.  I like to call the end of 2008 (my senior year) "the perfect storm."  I was dealing with some family issues, had just started a new medication with a side effect of weight loss, and had a pretty important (aka stressful, time-consuming) position for recruitment with Panhel.  I wish I had a more motivating story, but I stepped on the scale one day and it said 127 lbs.  At my lowest, I was 125 lbs.  I never worked out anymore, and was truly in a funk from fall of 2008 until the next spring.  My weight "normalized," I began working out again, and I was and still am 132 lbs.  There are times I wish I was 125, but I am healthy & active, and my "skinny 125 lb jeans" will just have to sit in the closet.  I can squeeeeeze into them if I really want to, anyways!


It took me 10+ minutes in high school to run a mile - and I was exhuasted afterwards!!  I can remember setting the treadmill on 5.5 mph and just hoping that I could make it to a mile without dying.  After I lost all the weight, I took that brave step from the elliptical to the indoor track at the gym at my school.  And DANG - I could run!  Like, more than a mile, and I wasn't dying.  I wasn't and still am not very fast, but I can still remember the first time I ran for 3 miles straight.  Running gives me a huge sense of accomplishment, and it amazes me that I'm in this good of shape.  Races are pretty new for me, but I feel like they give me a goal to work towards.  My ultimate goal:  13.1, the half marathon!


I'm in pharmacy school, starting my rotations this June.  I want to move somewhere warm (on the East Coast still!) after I graduate.  I love to eat (ugh, my eternal weakness) and have a terrible sweet tooth!  I think that trashy Chinese buffets are acceptable every once in a while.  Since I have started running longer distances, though, I have definitely been eating and living a much healthier lifestyle, and I can't see ever going back!  My boyfriend is absolutely fantastic, and I'm so lucky to have him!