Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A New Home

If you didn't notice already, I direct your attention to the right where it says "perfectionist." Let me explain how I *may* be making the transition from Blogger to WordPress.

I have noticed the difference between Blogger and WordPress blogs, after spending some time in this blogger-world. That being said, some Blogger blogs are awesome! They look totally slick and classy, etc. Being the curious person that I am, though, I HAD to check out WordPress. I made an account and have been playing around over there and.....omg, I'm in love. I have a ways to go, but I cringe every time I see my blog here. Ugly, ugly, ugly! I wanted to have it done by my birthday, but I don't think it will happen - school has invaded my life a bit too much! But don't worry, a new and improved blog is on its way :)

Speaking of birthday is tomorrow! The big 2-3, ha! I'll be celebrating with an ACLS exam, so if you go into cardiac arrest I will be officially certified to save your life as of tomorrow.

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