Friday, May 14, 2010

Had My Cake

The bf knows me far too well!!

Buttercream icing and marbled inside....ohhh so good. Actually, marble probably isn't my first choice, but the bakery (aka the po-dunk grocery store in Ada) ran out of white cake. Even though Doug pre-ordered it. Interesting. I leave permanently in 3 days, by the way. Thank god. This cake was about the extent of my celebrating yesterday. I took two exams. I passed two exams. I got a bunch of grades back from assignments due in April. Looks like I'm smart still. I studied for an exam that I took today. And then...

The Cavs lost. Lebron will probably leave. I have experienced my first heartbreak as a Cleveland sports fan. I now remember why I am from Pittsburgh. Go Steelers!

The end. Happy Friday! :)

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