Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy Green Life

Oops. Apparently one day turned into three days of no blogging for me...my bad :( the end of the quarter is super busy, per usual. My parents were here for a day, I've been studying like it's nobody's business, and I have a lot in the back of my head as I'm getting ready for rotations. Life is pretty hectic right now.

I've been keeping up with p90x! I also FINALLY went on a long run. I felt like I haven't really done so since the 10k, so I did 4 miles yesterday and felt great afterwards. That was a relief :) my dad signed me up for a 5k sponsored by his company coming up in June, so I am super excited! I'm hoping to smash my 32:10, but I will definitely be realistic since I'm going on vacation and will be in the process of moving the week before the race. Either way, it should be fun!

And since I have nothing else that is remotely exciting, I will share my dinner creation from last night. I have decided to call it "Eat Yo Greens Pasta," and while it is totally lacking color (and nutritent variety), it used up a lot of stuff in my fridge and tastes absolutely delicious!!

Eat Yo Greens Pasta, serves 2
2 servings whole wheat pasta (I used 1 cup dry penne)
1 cucumber, sliced and quartered
2 cups cut green beans (I used the frozen Steamers bag kind)
1/4 cup chopped green onions (to taste)
1/4 cup feta
2 tbsp olive oil
season as desired (pepper, salt, garlic, herbs, etc.)

While the pasta was cooking, I cut up the cucumber and drizzled olive oil over it in a large bowl. I started the green beans during this time too, since they took about 6 minutes in the microwave. After the green beans were done, I put the cucumber + OO in the microwave, mixing every minute until it was hot. Once the pasta was done cooking, I strained it and added it to the bowl with the cucumbers. I then strained the green beans so they were mostly dry and added them to the bowl. I sprinkled the feta and green onions on top and mixed thoroughly. Then, I raided our spice cupboard and added pepper (LOTS of peppers), a little Mrs. Dash, and garlic salt.

Overall, it was very yummy! I will be eating it again for dinner tonight, but will probably add some parmesan cheese to the mix (I like things cheesy!). It would even be good with some cubed chicken added in for some more protein, or even beans. Even the bf said it was good (he smelled it and had to snag a taste when he came over).


  1. I totally understand not having time to Blog, I teach 5th grade and we are right at 2 weeks left and my to do list is HUGE!!

  2. YES! The end of the year is madness!